04 September 2007

Life Begins Again On Thursday!

If you are still reading this blog, you might have noticed that I have had very little to say about what other people are doing because, well...

...because I have had no idea what other people are doing.

But that sucking sound is my head pulling away from my ass, and without a second to spare! I am looking forward to a few openings Thursday night. But I am only sitting around on Tuesday night in giddy anticipation of one:

Jedediah Caesar, Three Views From Space at D'Amelio Terras

A long, nerdy review on this blog is inevitable. Jedediah Caesar did some very interesting talkin' in the "LA is for Sculptors" edition of Art in America last year, and I am dying to see some equally interesting product.

That sounds bitchy and like I am throwing a gauntlet, but it's really not like that. We all know that sculpture is impossible, and that all good sculptors fail all the time. I am in fucking love with the way Caesar set himself up in that interview as some Sculptural Superhero, saying that he was all about dispensing with form, that he wanted sculpture as organism.

I buy it entirely! I think that the interview was brilliant and brave! He put his finger right on the exact problem in sculpture right now...

...and I am not just saying that because I am engaged in a similar persuit!

Of course, Caesar's 2006 work was really dependent on form. On perfect forms, like circles, or arbitrary forms like blobs or the volumes of bags. It was poking at this idea of organism, and it was close to organizationally different, but it landed on metaphor when the self-stated goal was more like total structural upheaval.

And yeah, I understand why. As someone who similarly spent 2006 aiming at grand thoughts of total structural upheaval and hitting metaphors and representations, all I can say is that I learned a lot and am still in the game. And I am hoping that Caesar is, too.


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