30 November 2006

California Dreamin'

Charles Ray, Tractor, 2003

I finally purchased the November Art In America... with its focus on Los Angeles and Speaking Volumes, 19 interviews with LA sculptors organized/written by Anne Rochette and Wade Saunders.

Look forward to a thorough digestion! As a lifelong westerner who simply could not take on the vast lonely wasteland of LA and chose New York, I sympathize with Rochette and Saunder's anthropological approach. As a UC San Diego MFA graduate, I owe much of my understanding of what sculpture is and what it does to Jennifer Pastor and Charles Ray. I am learning so much watching Liz Craft's work evolve--I am a big fan. I developed my own relationship between sculpture and performance by looking at Chris Burden.

This set of interviews is a greatest-hits album! My initial response to this article is too nostalgic to print! More to come.


Blogger onesock said...

That was my favorite AiA piece in years. I have read those interviews over and over again. I have learned a great deal and relate to most of what is said. You are right that there is much to digest.

I have a show out there in March so I contacted a couple artists from that article and confirmed studio visits which I am thrilled about!

30 November, 2006 12:55  
Blogger fisher6000 said...

You go!

30 November, 2006 13:03  

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