31 October 2006

Marathon, Schmarathon... I'm Going!

Yet another image shamelesly heisted from BLDGBLOG... this time Cabrini Green Houses, Chicago.

There is a new curator at Sculpture Center, and I want to find out this person's name so that I can publicly laud their emphasis on sculptural work and sculptural concerns. This sounds fantastic, and I am going:

Eyal Weizman Presents
Sunday, November 5, 12pm
Brunch served from 11am

Eyal Weizman is the founding director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, London. He was recently selected as the winner of the 2006-2007 James Stirling Memorial Lectures for his proposal titled, "Destruction by Design: Military Strategy as Urban Planning." Weizman will present some of his latest research on the politics of verticality, urbanism, and shifting notions of space.

I don't come to this with an opinion about Eyal Weizman... but this tucks itself too nicely into my reading to miss. I have Paul Virilio & Sylvere Lotringer in one hand and Drosscape in the other... destruction by design, indeed.


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