12 August 2007

Solid State Change: Fin!

Installation was smooth. We got to the site about thirty minutes before the sculpture did... and the crane was a little late. So we waited around.

Video of the rigging job in VT will be posted soon. You'll be able to compare the difference and see that Kent's English Shortening Knot made a difference in how sweetly and evenly it picked. But whatever! Who has time to be fussy? We just got that thing off the truck and placed in a reasonable, uneventful (if not completely flat) way... and ate us some sandwiches!

You know you're in a quaint small town when everyone *loves* the local excavating guy, which in this case is Chris Acker. And yeah. He's a sweetheart and so now I love him too.

In this picture you can see that there was a little problem with a drain right in front of the sculpture, so that it looked like it was sitting at the bottom of a huge cereal bowl. But Chris moved the drain out of the way, and this made everybody rejoice!

Last step was to armor-all the surface until it looked like an enormous piece of licorice. Don't worry, though. This will only happen twice a year. It's important to protect the colored plastic from the sun.

After we took these pictures, we ate a huge lunch with two glasses of cheap champagne!


Blogger two ladies said...

I was walking through the Socrates Sculpture park with my lovely bride on June 19th and saw someone working on your sculpture, but I wasn’t sure if it was you. So I didn’t stop and chat. It’s great to see it completed! It is gorgeous. Great job.

Again – congratulations!
Roxanne 'Rocky' Dobosz

14 August, 2007 17:50  
Blogger fisher6000 said...

Rocky, Sarah, you're fucking kidding me! I can't believe I missed out on seeing you.

I am heartbroken! And am clicking on your link to get to your blog now.

14 August, 2007 19:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the worst art on campus

31 July, 2012 10:53  

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