19 August 2007

Opening Saturday Night--Mark Your Calendar

Garden District Meets The Mississippi (detail), 2005
cupric sulfate crystals over steel armature.

I made this piece right after Katrina, and it's been sitting around killing itself ever since. It is, like New Orleans Elegy, based on a map of New Orleans' flooding printed in the New York Times. And like New Orleans Elegy, it's made of two materials that are working in opposition. The cupric sulfate crystals are corrosive, and are making the steel armature decay and fall apart. And now you can see it in Bushwick:

Second Line
Art and Film related to the Gulf Coast
August 25 - September 17, 2007
Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart Street (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Ad Hoc Art is pleased to announce Second Line, a group exhibition opening Saturday August 25 in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The exhibit will include a fundraiser for eight Louisiana charities Thursday August 30. There will be a closing reception Friday September 14, although the work will remain on view through September 17.

The exhibit includes the debut of documentation from Takashi Horisaki’s Social Dress New Orleans installation, concurrently on view at Socrates Sculpture Park. Also a study of Alvin Batiste by Ed Pramuk, software art from David Sullivan, watercolors by Emily Sartor based on Walker Percy’s Love in the Ruins, Kyle Bravo’s House Conglomeration silkscreens, Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s thirty minute puppet theater film featuring dance-crazed Formosian termites, and a thirteen-foot plein air landscape from Brooks Frederick depicting the wetlands of Cocodrie, LA.

Jazz funeral parades and their exuberant brass bands are usually followed by an energetic crowd of revelers, known as the “second line”. Attracted to the music, “second liners” release creativity inseparable from the very life celebrated in these marches.

Come to the opening Saturday night! Maybe a street will fall right off in your presence!


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