20 August 2007

At The Risk of Sounding Catty...

...Todd Gibson's cameo at Modern Art Notes took me by surprise because, well... because I rarely read MAN anymore.

And all I have to say is that Tyler Green is either very stupid or very secure to let someone who is so much more interesting and insightful than he is wear his hat for a whole week!

The gut's role in art criticism? An actual meditation on the difficulties of living the life of an artist? Ah, I can smell the actual meat of art blogging roasting on a spit!


Blogger Dilettante Ventures said...

Why is Modern Art Notes so widely read? Not that it's bad, but there's not much substance and even the gossip is tame...

20 August, 2007 21:48  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Amen sister!

20 August, 2007 22:41  
Blogger Tyler said...

Email Todd and urge him to restart FtF!

(And I don't do gossip. And won't.)

21 August, 2007 19:54  

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