22 August 2007

Self-Serving Link Crazy!

New Orleans Elegy, detail. Currently on view in its entirety at Socrates Sculpture Park.

It's been a busy year...

I updated my portfolio, to include Solid State Change, and that show at Dangerous Curve. And I didn't skimp, I even rewrote my statement, which is (just for Paddy Johnson, just to prove that I can evolve), much less bullshit than it was last year.

And I also want to remind you about the opening of Second Line at Ad Hoc Art. That's Saturday night, 6-11pm. Be there!

And if you can't get enough self-destroying maps of New Orleans, you should come by the Park, where you can not only see my own New Orleans Elegy, but you can see the much more ambitious and wonderful work by Takashi Horisaki, Social Dress, New Orleans.

These two devastatingly beautiful sculptures are by the waterfront until October 26, and are sooooo worth the walk from the N-train!

This blog will soon return to its regular format of unsolicited reviews of other people's shows, musings about modernism, worrying about the environment, and bad lay buddhism.


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