25 August 2006

Dropping Knowledge

Gasoline explosions, part of the ground show at the Miramar Air Show in beautiful San Diego...

Still making instead of thinking, and will be back after September 10 with more hot MakerThinker action.

Two Things To Know About:

This Grant is for bloggers as well as other types of art writers, and the deadline is September 18. Here is the kind of arts writing they hope to encourage:

• Writing about art that is rigorous, passionate, eloquent, and precise
• Writing about art in which a keen engagement with the present is infused with an appreciation of the historical
• Writing about art that is neither afraid to take a stand, nor content to deliver authoritative pronouncements, but seeks rather to pose questions and generate new possibilities for thinking, seeing, and making
• Writing about art that is sensitive to both the importance and difficulty of situating aesthetic objects within their broader social and political contexts
• Writing about art that does not dilute or sidestep complex ideas but renders accessible their meaning and value
• Writing about art that challenges creatively the limits of existing conventions, without valorizing novelty as an end in itself

And that list sounds important and strong to me.

And if you're a NurtureArt member, this month's Muse Fuse will be featuring bloggers James Wagner and Barry Hoggard. So I think I'm gonna go.


Blogger Steven LaRose said...

For my purposes, I replaced "Writing about" with "Making" in each instance and found some profound truths.

26 August, 2006 03:52  

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