26 July 2006

WhiBi PostMordem Tedium

It's hard to read a few more paragraphs about how bad the 2006 Biennial was, especially now that it's over. But read this anyway. Bless Leo Kepler's heart for keeping his eyes in his head, and for going over the catalogue, and figuring out why it's all bullshit. What the bullshit means.

Perhaps it's most appropriate not to say anything else myself, but to quote Kepler, who is quoting Johanna Burton's overly quoteful essay... she is quoting Fredric Jameson.

[In] a world in which stylistic innovation is no longer possible, all that is left is to imitate dead styles, to speak through the masks and with the voices of the styles in the imaginary museum; even more, it means that one of its essential messages will involve the necessary failure of art and the aesthetic, the failure of the new, the imprisonment in the past.


Blogger chrisjag said...

Wow. Very disturbing that some think innovation is merely a "style," and that the past is merely a prison. If art is just a decorative look, this clueless person must have a very low regard for art of any period. Chilling.

26 July, 2006 08:15  

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