24 July 2006

The Conversaton Continues

I have deadlines, I am not going to be verbose this week. But I am reading!

High, Low and In Between is chewing up Moris Berman and delivering knowledge to us like the little baby birds we are in his Alien Intelligence series, and comparing Larsen and Berman is interesting. I haven't had time to crack Berman's Twilight yet, so I might be wrong, but it looks like Berman has a much more compelling explanation for how all this happened, which is great. Larsen has snappy prose and is working from a place I enjoy (one person observing the world), but when he takes on all of advertising, say, it gets a little naive. Kat was vocal the other day about Larsen's take on how advertising works. She says it does not jibe with her insider account of how advertising works, and I hope she writes a post about this because she is insightful and sharp on this issue, as usual.

My vote for Most Relevant Artwork for this New Feudalism: The Yes Men.

Also don't miss Leisurearts' expansion of the word "elitist" and what it does and does not mean. Beautiful.

PS: everybody else probably already knows how this works, but I have been realizing that Amazon.com emails only ever come to me when I am sitting at my computer. They know I am sitting here, don't they?


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