07 July 2006

The Blog: Everything and Nothing?

A statement and a question for Friday:

First, High, Low and In Between rules! Check out the Top Ten Reasons to Ditch Your Artist's Statement For A Blog, a collaborative effort between Highlow, Geoffrey and yours truly.

And let me ask you. What kind of writing do bloggers do, and what does it mean? Seriously. I can only speak for myself and the folks I read... but I see a lot of opinions and exploration, and very little authority, and I like this because it keeps the stakes low. High stakes are constipating.

But am I mistaken that the stakes are low, and that I am just one lone asshole with a habit? What are the ethics of blogging? The ethics of having an opinion? How does one have an opinion responsibly? Lovingly? What is one blogger's opinion worth?

Anyone care to weigh in?


Blogger highlowbetween said...

What? I'm not an authority? with all these adoring fans you must be mistaken. I mean, like, I'm like ranked #380,000 in the blogosphere...
thanks for the applause everyone.

I forgot what i wanted to say

09 July, 2006 14:45  
Blogger highlowbetween said...

oh yeah. I think the stakes are high and low ;) I do really think that. I'm so new to blogging that I haven't really fully grasped the enormity of it and therefore am still figuring out the ethics of blogging. I do think there is an ethic to being artist which Ashes and Geoffrey touched on. Its a bigger question that we should all explore together in some sense. Especially as it relates to politics and the artworld. I think that it will lead to the unearthing of responsible opinion or something we've been trying to locate under an ethics of subjectivity?

09 July, 2006 14:52  
Blogger Lisa Hunter said...

Well, what's the point of conversation, or any form of communication? Blogging is a form of conversation between people who don't happen to be next door neighbors or in the cubicle next to each other, but who share certain interests. It's often a more interesting conversation that one finds at many a dinner party.

10 July, 2006 13:54  
Anonymous jec said...

This doesn't speak to the question you asked, but rather to the idea of artists having blogs. In a recent interview (sorry, I can't find the link), Tyler Green said that he didn't understand why more artists don't have blogs.

Well I can. We don't have TIME. Most of us work part or full time jobs, spend 20-30 hours in the studio plus work at having careers. Add in (for some) children and other responsibilities, and it's hard to see when we would write a blog.

This gets me to a related point. It's great if artists start blogs, especially if they are interesting (whether the stakes are high or not). But if anyone wants to start up a blog they should plan to commit to writing new content on a very regular basis. Deborah, you are particuarly good at this, which is one I come back to your site all the time. It makes me a bit crazy when I discover a new, potentially interesting blog only to find after a week or two that the blogger never updates. A big pet peeve of mine!

11 July, 2006 09:08  
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