20 June 2006

New Orleans Elegy--Now In Bronze

Thanks again to the Venerable Puffin Foundation for enabling the huge outflow of cash! I posted pictures of the wax awhile back, and here it is in all its so fucking heavy I can't lift it off the table glory!

It's based on a flooding map of New Orleans that was published in the New York Times last September after Katrina.

Thanks also to Jeffrey Spring at Modern Art Foundry, for not chasing away all these cool bits of flashing. I like the way they mimic the streets. How could you plan this stuff?

The steel streets remain embedded in the bronze, and will react with one another forever, causing corrosion. All bronze patinas are kinds of corrosion, so this means that the patina is activated--it will change over time. The patina is also integrated. I didn't add the colors later, they are the result of how the thing is made.


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