11 June 2006

Studio Shots

I'm working on a couple of new things that are made out of latex paint. They're pretty funny. In this shot, they are both suspended upside-down. I gloop huge quantities of paint all over their bottoms. When they are upside-down like this, they're not much to look at yet.

But this is what the foreground one looks like when it gets flipped over. Eventually it will get snipped off the stretcher bars and stand on its own. I like that it's getting structure as if by magic. I started by crocheting this topographic shape out of twine, and of course it had no structural integrity of its own. Then I started adding paint, and the weight of the paint pushed it into three dimensions. The paint is also providing the only structural integrity. Structure within structurelessness...Cool, no?

The background rust is someone else's rad piece. Cal Lane will be in this summer's EAF06 show at the park. She's doing really cool things to that dumpster, you should come by and check it out.

This one's harder to see, I couldn't flip it over. It might never work. It's a map of San Diego, and is made using the same technique as New Orleans Elegy, except that it's paint instead of wax. The paint makes it really heavy. It broke its stretcher bars, and so it's skewered on this patched-together thing for the time being. Right now the paint and the armature are just fighting. But it might get so heavy that the paint starts to assert itself as a structural force of its own... Maybe.

Anyway, it's doing a cool layering thing, and working with color scares the crap out of me, so that's good.


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