26 May 2006

We Call It Life

There are concepts that are difficult to get across visually. But man, this set of ads by the Competitive Enterprise Institute are doing something really interesting. They capture desperation and the act of lying to the public really well.

Idea for Environmental Defense, the creators of the "train" and "tick" ads:

Stop being so earnest--it freaks people out! I know! My earnestness gets me into trouble consistently! Let me be the blogger with a daily readership of like... 4. Learn from my mistakes!

Start playing with these ads. Their rhetoric is so absurd, so easy to mock! They are being so openly greedy, and lying so baldly. The problem with climate change is that it's a problem that defies our sense of scale and importance. Make it a human story, make it about The Man, who is soooo lying to you. That's a comprehensible scale. That's a relationship we have some experience with. That might be an arm of your campaign that does more than preach to the choir.

It works for anti-smoking campaigns.


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