14 May 2006

Art Gotham=Uncool

I have nothing new to add to this, but would like to register my disgust. AFC's reprinting of an anonymous artist's Art Gotham consignment agreement is worth your time. Being an artist is hard enough--the last thing any artist needs is a gallery that is this ungenerous, this unsupportive.


Anonymous David said...

Deborah, this would be a fair agreement if they defined "profit" more completely.

Other expenses to be recouped before profit is split should include the artist's cost of materials, studio rental, promotional expenses, and cost of shipping or delivering work to the gallery. Plus a fair rate for the artist's time spent in creating the work. These of course would be paid to the artist.

Anything left after the artist and gallery recoup their expenses is profit, and it would be reasonable for them to then split it. Hopefully the artists that show w/ this gallery are smart enough to get this added to the contract before they sign.

16 May, 2006 19:02  

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