10 May 2006

Go Matthew Moore!

Matthew Moore's Rotations: Moore Estates, image courtesy Daily Dose of Architecture

Wow. Thanks Modern Art Notes for reminding me about Matthew Moore, fellow Arizona native and thinker about the relationship between the built environment and "nature". There are a lot of things about Moore Estates that I find inspiring. I like its scale, the way it tells a story specific to the area (Phoenix, like my hometown Tucson, is gobbling up surrounding farmland at an amazing rate, exurbs growing like cancers), its ease.

It's a little too simple--I wish it wasn't about copying the real developments and re-presenting them so straightforwardly. But how else do you start with such a grand idea? Moore has been actively thinking about development over a few bodies of work, and I am completely impressed with the way he is moving it around in his head--moving the scale in and out.

This image is from Moore's website, it's Conversations Within a Landscape: 2020 Concrete, rammed earth, carrots, 2003, 60" x 24" x 24"


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