27 July 2006

Back To The Future

The Differance Engine is wistful about Joyce's playfulness and the passage of the seventies, and is questioning the notion (power?) of lifelike art.

The Winkleman discussion on The Lost Lifestyle has prompted A Call To Arms over at Future Modern.

Backward to go forward! There seems to be a sliver of space, a catwalk between Wishing For The Way They Used To Be and Accepting This Reign of Bleh. I don't want to long for a time when it was acceptable to think and read. I don't want to pine for a lost lifestyle, but it seems important to accept that this loss is not just my own, that it's widely perceived, and that it is not total.

Didn't the Renaisance start with a bunch of old books and artifacts? I have been lazybusy about Berman. Have been thinking about Emerson and Thoreau. Must get less busy. Must read more.


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