15 October 2007

I Will Never Make Fun Of Tyler Green Again

I will never make fun of Tyler Green again.

He has not just delivered Saltz the dope slap he so deserves.
He has not just put his finger on exactly why less art criticism and more pictures of rich people doing arty things.

He has proved that one can be earnest and righteous and interesting at the same time! A MAN first! Go Tyler go! More righteous earnestness! We eat that shit up around here! We cannot get enough! Pump your fist without worrying about tactlessly showing whose side you're on! Be on the side of art and not the art people! Stand for something, and keep standing for something, damnit!


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16 October, 2007 00:21  
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23 October, 2007 02:58  
Blogger highlowbetween said...

eat the rich :)

26 October, 2007 12:36  

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