13 October 2007

Draft Gore '08?

Well, he has already won the popular vote once, and failed doing it. And I am a firm believer in the transformative power of failure.

We cannot forget that Gore achieved greatness not in spite of, but because of that lame election and the horrendously bad Supreme Court decision that ended it. Gore was an equivocal, people-pleasing weakling in '00. His most distinguishing feature was his caution. He compared most often to wood, and did not even have the balls to stand up for himself and demand a full recount in Florida. He was a better choice than Bush, but he was not a good leader.

I voted for Nader, myself.

Since his public non-trouncing, Gore has grown up, figured out why he is publicly engaged, and I think most importantly, has figured out that it's not about him or his personal goals. This is the kind of person who should be president right now--the person who has written a long, boring book about how the democracy broke, and what could be done to fix it. We need someone who will stick his neck out. Someone who is all about fixing problems instead of pleasing people. Someone who thinks that the American people are smart enough to make good choices.

And he shouldn't even run. He should just be overwhelmingly written in. We should all stage a nonviolent coup. Say fuck you to the horse race and just demand someone who will do a good job.


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