27 September 2007

For Once It All Makes Sense

The UN General Assembly means better-than-usual boatwatching at Socrates Sculpture Park, as all boats must go around to the Queens side of Roosevelt Island.

It also means talking about climate change, and leave it to my favorite poet revolutionary to cut right to the meat! In today's Times, Vaclav Havel is calling on all humans to, basically, look at the world with humility and acceptance instead of desire or entitlement.

Really, doesn't anything else one says about climate change just distract us from this perfect description of the problem? We don't really need to invent any new technologies as much as we all need to become less focused on our individual selves and more aware of us, the collective force we exert as a species. It's the ultimate solidarity, the ultimate collectivism.

Interesting times, interesting times! Just when it looks like our world is falling apart, the earth rises and asserts itself as a reason to overcome the greed and desire that's causing nothing but war and death and suffering anyway.


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