20 October 2007

Best of DF: Artists Should Write Criticism

I got into a discussion with someone last night about artists writing criticism. It would be rude of me to get into it, but the basic idea was that I was being given some friendly advice. I could either stand outside art and write about it, or I could stand inside and make it, and that it was "dangerous" to think I could do both.

To my career? To my health? Dangerous? Really?

It seems like a good time to revisit last year's Kuspit lecture.


Blogger Cinematheque Films said...

Wow. I had given up. On writing. On art. On Being an artist. On making anything. It seemed so hopeless and try as I might not to give in to despair, the despair just comes like a train and the ground shakes and the tracks go hot. No one gets my work. I stopped either expecting or wanting that years ago. It's all in how people see you which can have zero to do with what you really do or who you really are. If I write, then I'm a writer, and you can't be an artist, but if I make video and film then there's that box to wallow in, and you can't do any of these things at the same time and PASSION is the sin of sins. It is NOT allowed. I get kicked out of publishing. I get kicked out of the Art World. I'm evil. I'm Satan. You're whatever they say you are and identity is not something you can sculpt because if you reach for the tools of reinvention you will be punished. So sometimes I just let it all go and surf. To see who else is out there. Naked. Passionate. Fists. Other Souls. This one says: I wanna change the way people do stuff in the world. It is not simplistic. It takes some courage to make that stand. There's LIFE in that. Deborah Fisher knocks my socks off. I stumbled in here and am left breathless. Wow. Just to feel the tail-wind here is invigorating. It's enough to turn me around to go back to work again. -- Tim Barrus

20 October, 2007 16:03  

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