16 December 2007

Top Ten List of Fears (art-related)

Deborah Fisher, Break (detail), 2007, carpet, cardboard and drywall screws stressing a wood armature

I am afraid to make something:

1. that isn't relevant in a specific reality-based conceptual (Kaprow, Burden, La Va) way.
2. decorative
3. too "Sculpture Magazine"
4. formal
5. crafty
6. that merely illustrates an idea
7. that doesn't illustrate an idea
8. clever
9. that's "just sculpture"
10. stupid

Trust Fall for 2008:

The ideas are in the making of the thing. Fearing the actual making of the thing and privileging my mind can only dilute the actual ideas. I trust the feedback formalism and craft are giving me--I trust their generative power. Fuck ideas from me, fuck Alan Kaprow, fuck Chris Burden and Barry LaVa too!

I am going to just make the stupidest, prettiest sculptures that I possibly can. I am going to trust that I actually have something to say, and that it will come out if I let it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the whole chicken and 3egg argument, which came first the concept/idea or the making process I have this to say. I usually won't start a drawing or sculpture unless I have 'something' in mind beforehand. Whatever it is I have in mind beforehand quickly fades when I start working because the material process has its own laws which completely transform the idea stuff that was floating around before the making process began.

16 December, 2007 12:07  
Blogger prettylady said...

Woo hoo. Let's hear it for pretty and stupid!

16 December, 2007 23:26  
Blogger Christopher Robbins said...

well that carpet thing is hot (though the photo is frustrating - more text, less blur!) , and saying that it is "stressing" the wooden armature makes it feel like there is an idea in there, without it becoming an illustration. plus it's pretty, at least to me, though I don't think burden would drag his naked body across it, so I am not sure where that leaves you in your do's and do not's. but um, i like it. Makes me realize you are not really an accountant from afghanistan.

03 January, 2008 15:20  

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