13 June 2007

Takashi Horisaki

There's a project space at Socrates, over where the fishermen hang out along the fence, that will have an interesting show July 27 through October 28.

I'll have a little bronze piece, a map of New Orleans, fastened to this ancient old pier that's been buried in the park forever.

Takashi Horisaki, on the other hand, is doing something much more ambitious. He is in New Orleans right now, taking a latex mold of a house ravaged by Katrina. And he's rolling up the whole thing in a couple of weeks and coming to the park, where this big latex bag of a house is going to become a kind of a large tent.

Check out pictures and stories of this process on his blog.

He's already jumped through some serious bureaucratic hurdles to get it done, made friends with the Army Corps of Engineers and found tremendous local support. And I am sure he is also cursing the humidity and inevitable rain as he waits for each coat of latex to dry!

If anyone wants to help him get his piece installed at Socrates, click here to find out how to give him a tax-deductable donation, and how to get in touch with him if you have time to donate.

His budget is tight and his aims are noble. He needs all the help he can get!


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