17 December 2006

Another DeCerteau Remix = Another Reason To Love Leisurearts

This Charlie's Angels image is part of a larger Dilletanteventures Project

It is no secret that Leisurearts consistently tickles my art-v-life bone, and these thoughts about Ben Highmore focus much of this thinking on the difference between research and writing...

...and I would of course argue that there is a distance or difference between research and any creative work. And I would argue that this distance, this gap between that knowledge that moves you to action and the product of that action is exactly where all the magic happens. It's moving from the inside space to the outside space--private experience to public experience. That transition between private and public is where and how all the poetry happens.

In other words, I would pick yet another kissing fight with Dilletanteventures, if only I were here. But I am not. I am not here! I am really busy and I cannot be blogging my evenings or mornings away right now.


Blogger Dilettante Ventures said...

Yeah well if we were here and not on our way to three weeks at sea, we'd point out that the post was a rare instance of art advocacy on our part. We find it sad that most of academe believes that the only proper manifestation of research is writing. That's why art is valuable - it allows research to manifest in its most appropriate form rather than the formulaic constraints of the academic essay/thesis. Of course art has its own problems as we point out on a regular basis, but when it works, it REALLY works...

17 December, 2006 19:22  

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