07 December 2006

Crapture: Definition

How's this for surprising? I got a ruffled email this morning because I used the word "crapture" to describe the efforts that are currently gracing the Whitney at Altria. Rather than gently mock the emailer's sensitivity, I am happy to offer a definition:

Crapture is any sculptural effort that is made out of stuff, like Pins, Toothpicks, or Scraps of Plywood instead of a medium like Steel or Bronze. You could also define crapture as sculpture that is about our contemporary condition of too much stuff. Good crapture does not overcome what it is made out of. Rather, its meaning springs out of what it is made of.

Crapture is not a value judgement, it's a category. And Burgeoning Geometries is a really interesting show that is wall-to-wall crapture, and since I have made crapture myself and am currently knee-deep in tires and that plastic insulation that surrounds copper wire... a review is forthcoming.


Anonymous onesock said...

oh boy! From now on I am going to introduce myself as a CRAPTOR!!!!

Didnt Craptor fight Godzilla once?

07 December, 2006 23:06  

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