01 April 2006

Chelsea Girls

Kat, Joel and I did the big Last Week Sweep and boy are our feet tired.

There will be an in-depth discussion about why Johnston Foster rocked our world over on Greenpoint Sculpture, and hopefully we will also get it up to figure out why the little McCoy pieces at Postmasters were so delightful, while the larger projected works fell flat.

Short list of Seen and Loved:

Chinese photography at Protech, mostly because of the image above--how could you not love an ass landscape? (the Protech website has the artist's names and titles for only 3/4 of the work in that show... sloppy sloppy)

Kara Walker's film at Sikkema (much more than you want to hear about that later...)

Rachel Whiteread at Luhring Augustine, making the invisible visible. So kind.

Tara Donovan... admittedly not my favorite TD, but how far astray could she lead you? The smell of cups alone makes it all worthwhile.

Short list of Seen and Questioned:

Christoph Ruckhaberle at Zach Feuer... amazing understanding of space. Really unimpressive painting skills. "Folk" is not code for "poorly done". Kat's advice: "Get this man a pair of scissors and get him collaging, so that he does not have to fight with brushes and paint in the future."

Inka Essenhigh at 303. Why the fuss?

Mauricio Alejo at Ramis Barquet. The problem with clever work is that it makes you stop and get a beer.


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