30 March 2006

Wrong Word

Note to self... framing this in terms of ethics completely misses the point.

The word ethics connotes effort, deprivation, right and wrong. I am not talking about those things.

I find myself doing to my own art practice what Flannery is doing to the rest of us in The Weather Makers, which I am still choking down, and BTW, it's all about politics now and so the Hysterical Puritanism is at fever pitch--what's wrong with us?????

I keep trying to force this connection because (this is going to sound so fucking precious), I think sculpture can help. Sculpture is a set of dynamic, nonverbal relationships that are peculiar because they do play out in real time and space, even as they defy real time and space. This very real and bad physical reality is unfolding as the climate keeps changing, and it would be most helpful to be able to look at it and believe fully what is going on, and be able to poke at it and negotiate a better outcome. When I do this on a smaller scale with my own work, I don't generally use value judgements. It's not being bad because it won't stand up. Not standing up is just the what's happening right now.

I want to talk about that specific suspension of ethics.

I ran into a very old and dear friend got really into Feldenkrais yesterday, and that kind of thinking about the body and effortlessness seems important to this discussion. And so does the fact that I spend much more time listening to physics than telling physics what I want.


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