06 February 2007

Some Influence: New Sculpture At Dangerous Curve

I'm back in New York, and LA was a blast! I saw great art, I met fantastic people, I had a really, really nice opening. For now, I cannot thank Tim and Kathy at Dangerous Curve enough, for taking a chance on an out-of-towner, and for throwing such a generous party, and for being so great in general. I wish I had some paparazzi shots, but for now this will suffice. Here are a few candid images of the art, courtesy James Graham:

There is so much to write about. Brent Burkett, hold on to your hat: I am finally ready to talk about the difference between LA and NY... after I unpack.


Anonymous markcreegan said...

wow wow and woow! These look splendidly raw and beautiful and violent! I cant wait to see! Bravo! everyone should click on the images for the BIG views! I highly rekk-o-mend it!

06 February, 2007 20:17  
Blogger Bill Gusky said...

These pieces look fantastic, Deb. I'm especially taken by the layered object. Congratulations on the show! It's great to hear that things went well.

09 February, 2007 20:18  
Blogger geoffrey said...

DF... i'm in awe. You have really taken it to the next level. Thanks so much for sharing this with us...

10 February, 2007 05:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really good work.

05 March, 2007 01:45  
Blogger Heart As Arena said...

Finally coming back into my life. Yes. We must talk. NY/LA + public art. !!!!!

12 March, 2007 09:53  
Blogger Jade said...

Far out!!! Your work is incredible, extraordinary - amazing use of materials; I am so impressed and so pleased to find it. If you ever show in Australia let me know, please!

20 March, 2007 09:55  

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