17 March 2006

More New Orleans

No Title yet, wax over wire and string armature. Maybe 3 inches tall by 32"x24"? The armature is based on the same New Orleans flooding map as Garden District. One day it will be bronze, which will be pretty funny. When it gets burnt out, everything will go but the steel wire "streets"--and they will get a chance to jingle all around and get all displaced before the bronze comes to seal them in place forever. Hopefully there will be permanent street re-arrangement.

Sick again today... perfect time to focus on park business. The current show is coming down, Interstate, a collaboration between Socrates and Andrea Zittel, is going up. But I did get time to take some pictures of my own work in progress, before all the commotion starts.


Blogger esm said...

There's something very elegant and rich about this piece. Out of control and organic. will watch for it in bronze. also like the direction with the glacier, I have been thinking a lot about visual representation regarding the shrinking glaciers too (especially after the photo essay in the sierra magazine).
thanks for the sharing the work--

22 March, 2006 09:31  
Blogger fisher6000 said...

Interesting, esm, thanks for the appreciation. It's rough in terms of visual art. On one hand, climate change is really loaded visually and spatially rich issue. And there are all these art historical frameworks--landscape and the sublime, process art... that could be really illuminating and helpful, since it's important that we accept what's happening.

But does work about climate change collapse into political statement making? And if it doesn't, is it awful and decadent to aesthetize TEOTWAWKI?

24 March, 2006 19:56  

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